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“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

— Henry David Thoreau


Is it your goal to be a business owner? Have you considered a mobile business? Lightning Sharp provides a niche service that is steadily growing more popular. Getting involved now could be the best decision you ever make?


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Advantages Of A Lightning Sharp Franchise

The Lighting Sharp Franchise model is a mobile service business that can flourish in medium to largely populated cities.

Lightning Sharp applies a sharper than new edge to salon shears, clippers, culinary knives, medical instruments, and household tools that dull through use. The technique for getting this result without damaging the blade is a sought after authentic Japanese method. Technicians are required to pass rigorous training and ongoing testing in order to make any claim to the source.

This profession works primarily with businesses and individuals that need routine sharpening of their instruments and those that respect a sharp edge on their personal tools.

As a mobile business, clients receive the convenience of having their instruments expertly sharpened without having to drive anywhere or mail them away and hope they’re returned in a timely manner. Most of our clients rely on these tools for their livelihood, having them out of their possession could cost them hundreds of dollars in lost revenue or even thousands if they were to be misplaced or damaged. 

Lightning Sharp is one of only a handful of sharpening businesses that are both certified and tested for their ability to create a sharper than new edge and provide mobile convenience.

This business requires individuals with a strong work ethic and people skills. The Lightning Sharp System provides much of the actual business support including equipment, products, how to stage the vehicle for maximum efficiency, how to market the business to new customers, how to retain existing clientele, how to maintain the vehicle, branding, appointment setting system, and bookkeeping.

This TURK-KEY BUSINESS CONCEPT can be your success story. If you are looking for a second career or looking for a fleet of technicians, Lightning Sharp can put you on the right path and provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.

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